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Full time 24 hrs maid Vs part time maid: what is right for you?

In our busy life managing everything in the house can be tough. Sometimes people don’t get enough hours in the day to complete all their work. So getting a good helping hand is very necessary. And a maid is the one who can make your life quite easy. They allow you to spend time with your family or loved ones. But when you hire a maid, you will think about what is right for you. Hiring a full-time 24 hrs maid or part-time maid.

So below this article, I will sort out your queries about a full-time 24 hrs maid vs a part-time maid: what is right for you?

First, read the definition of full-time or part-time maid-

full-time maid works for one client. They live in a client’s house for 24 hours and do their work like cleaning their home, taking care of their children or an older one, making food for all their family members, washing everyone’s clothes etc. They get a satisfactory amount of money.

part-time maid works for everyone. And for a single client, they give only 30 hours a week but the time depends on the work. They generally charge a quite high amount per hour or depending on the work. Something they charge an extra amount because of their travel costs.

Advantages of hiring a full time 24hrs maid-


A full-time maid works for 24 hrs, so they only work for you. They know how you like things done in your home, so they work accordingly. It is easy for them. The quality of work will always be the same; for example, if you have your furniture arranged in a particular manner, they’ll always remember.

Ample skills-

Part-time maids have limited duties, unlike full-time maids. A full-time maid will clean your home, watch your children, and cook, among other things. They are experts in their skills and can handle a lot of work. Sometimes clients invite their friends or relatives, so they order the maid to make some food for them. So she has to do this extra work. And this is a big advantage for the clients to hire a full-time maid.


A full-time maid stays at your house for 24 hrs. So they will be available when you need them. You can get their services all the time, even when you have emergencies. It is a great advantage for a client.

Disadvantages of hiring a Full time 24 hrs maid-


The biggest disadvantage of hiring a full-time maid is the security problem. When we watch any crime series, most of the time, we see that the maid is the real criminal. They have stolen from their employer’s jewellery money, mixed poison in the food, and sometimes murdered family members.

Lack of privacy-

Another disadvantage of hiring a full-time maid is the lack of privacy. Because they will always be in your house, there are high chance she knows all of your and your family’s secrets. You can’t talk about every matter in front of her.

Advantages of hiring a Part-time maid-


A part-time maid works only for a limited time. When you hire them for part-time work, they focus on this work and do it perfectly. They will complete your work efficiently. A part-time maid is a better option if you want to finish your work quickly.


Hiring a part-time maid is safer than a full-time maid. A part-time maid works before you, so they don’t commit any crime.

Disadvantages of hiring a Part-time maid-

Restricted skills-

Part-time maids have very limited skills. Because they have to finish all the client’s work, they can be good at cleaning but sometimes not so good at cooking. So when you invite your guests to your home, they can’t always be available whenever you need them.

Limited availability-

Part-time maids only work for particular hours, so you can’t access their services all the time. If you have an emergency, you might have to do this work yourself.


After reading my article, surely you will be clear about full-time 24 hrs maid vs part-time maid: what is right for you? Or if you have any good or bad experiences with hiring a full-time or part-time maid service, please share them with us. Thank you!


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