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How to maintain a clean and organized home between maid service visits

Everyone enjoys the wonderful sensation that only results from having their home professionally cleaned: it smells good and looks lovely and sparkling.  But ultimately it disappears.  How can you extend its lifespan?  Therefore, even if you hire professional house cleaners, it still pays to know how to maintain a clean home.Do not worry if you are not sure how or where to begin because we are here to offer advice. Read on to discover how to organise your home in between cleaning appointments. Here is some advice from a professional maid agency in Jaipur that has cleaned thousands of homes:

  1. Eliminate clutter

Any item that restricts movement, consumes space, or creates a tripping or slip hazard is considered clutter. Examples include outdated books, bills, and bags and toys scattered across the floor.

Clutter can also be a fire hazard, which is another reason to organise it or get rid of it. They at least add to the number of surfaces where pollutants can settle and build up. As a result, cleaning and organising your home will take longer for your cleaners.

Instead, you can shred your bills and other important documents before throwing them away. Toys should have designated bins, which can be hung up or stored on shelves.Keep a garbage can for junk mail in your garage, and avoid buying cheap seasonal items that are not nice enough to keep forever or practical enough to use regularly.

  1. Ensure Daily Sweeping

Dust on your floors can be reduced by routinely sweeping. The fewer contaminants you can kick up into the air, the less dust there is. As a result, it also helps to improve indoor air quality.

You don’t have to sweep your entire house every day; instead, concentrate on the areas with the most traffic. This includes the dining room, kitchen, hallways, and entryway. The remainder can then be handled by your skilled home maid service in Jaipur.

Most ofthe home owners treat their pets like children. But many people are driven insane by their pet hair. It is beneficial to remove the hair in a controlled environment using a pet fur cleaner or another efficient comb. Additionally, use covers or blankets that are simple to wash to protect your pet’s favourite furniture.

  1. Before entering your home, take off your shoes

According to scientists, it is best to leave your shoes outside or by the front door of your house for your safety. Studies suggest that the soles of shoes can spread infectious diseases. They might contain radioactive materials, microplastics, chemicals, or even pathogens.On top of all the regular dirt, dust, and debris that your shoe soles may contain, there is also that.

If you do not track dirt and grass into the house, your floors will be ten times cleaner. It takes us several visits and vigorous scrubbing to get the floors in those homes where people do not remove their shoes.

Therefore, wearing outdoor shoes inside your home increases the number of messes and dirt there. Due to the increased need for cleaning, your cleaners will have more work. Place them next to the doorway. This enables you to put on your indoor footwear as soon as you take off your outdoor footwear.

  1. After each meal, tidy up the kitchen

Even the smallest food spills can cause many animals, including pest rodents, to detect smells. The same logic applies to cleaning your kitchen appliances and counters after each use. Additionally, it is a good idea to clean food containers with grease or residue on them and to always keep them covered.

As you cook, clean up any food splatters in the kitchen. It takes one millionth of a second to wipe them off when they are fresh. It aids in keeping your kitchen looking spotless. Once dry, they are much more difficult to remove and will irritate you constantly.

  1. Put dirty clothes in bamboo hampers

Compared to most timber species, bamboo is stronger and more resilient. Since it grows more quickly than many other types of wood, it is also sustainable and environmentally friendly. Additionally, it creates decorative yet useful household items like hampers for clothing.

Using hampers for used clothing is a great way to keep your house organised. Many of them also have lids, which aid in hiding dirty laundry.Additionally, if you place used clothing directly into the hampers, the professional cleaners will have fewer items to pick up. They can then concentrate on doing the housecleaning for which you hired them.

  1. Refrigerate or cover food

If you must leave cooked food on the table, cover it to keep your dining area tidy. Otherwise, pests may be drawn to the smells. Leaving food out on the dining room table for more than two hours is also not recommended. If kept at room temperature for an extended period, it may spoil.If no one will eat it yet, it would be best to put it in the refrigerator.

  1. Maintain a clean surface

If you are not careful, clutter can easily accumulate throughout most homes. Even if the surfaces are not completely clean, if you just put things away in boxes, drawers, or trash cans, the appearance will be much tidier and more organised.

  1. Fold your clothes

Create a routine for folding your clothes, perhaps while watching your favourite show, and enlist the assistance of your family. If not, clean laundry quickly builds up and becomes a major issue.If you hire professionals to do your laundry as well, they will fold and hang your clean clothes. However, you typically need to organise and store your belongings on shelves and cabinets. It is best to do that right away because moving those organised stacks and piles to their correct spots is simpler.

Additionally, if you leave them out for too long, they might come tumbling down and make a bigger mess.


It is best to put what you have learned about keeping your house clean to use as soon as possible. The rest of our advice for keeping your home clean in between maid visits can then be done after some wiping and sweeping.

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