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How to prepare your home for a maid service visit

You might have some concerns about what to anticipate and what to do before the cleaning service arrives, whether this is your first time using a cleaning service or not. You might have concerns about the manners, rules, and general character of house cleaners. We at Maid in Ahmedabad are available to assist you in finding the answers to these queries and in comprehending the entire process of hiring a cleaning service and what to do before a maid service visit.

Role of A Maid in Ahmedabad

Most frequently, a cleaning person, housekeeper, or cleaner works for the cleaning business you are hiring. However, unless you have been recommended to them by a friend who has used their services, you are taking chances and risks if you hire an independent cleaner. An independent cleaner is unlikely to have property damage insurance or refund policies if you are dissatisfied with their work. The safest option is almost always to use a professional service.

A good cleaner will exhibit certain traits, while a bad cleaner will not. And it begins when they arrive. A trustworthy cleaner will consistently arrive on time, equipped with all the tools and supplies required for the job. A good cleaner is always punctual, considerate of your belongings, and respectful of your house and property. Most importantly, if you own pets, how they behave around them will reveal a lot about them. The way someone is dressed, how friendly they are, and how they act are additional indicators of a good cleaner.

Prior to and following cleaning service

You have decided to hire a cleaning services Ahmedabad because you need help with the housework. Here is some advice on how to prepare for a house cleaner and how to clean the house before and after. Your booking confirmation, a reminder, and advice on how to set up your home for a housecleaning service are a few things to anticipate prior to the cleaning. Expect your house to be serviced during the clean. Why does this matter? It simply means that you need to take care of every single area of your house. Homeowners and locals typically stay out of the cleaner’s path.

But be sure to let the housecleaner know in advance if, for instance, you work from home and need the area where you do so clean at a specific time. After the cleaner has finished, be sure to give yourself 10 to 15 minutes to check the house and evaluate their work; you can anticipate that they will take care of any issues you find right away. You can and should anticipate the housekeeper to return to fix any issues you find if you are not home when you conduct this assessment after she has left.

Preparing Your Home for a Maid Visit

  1. Pick up any dirty laundry or clothing laying around the house: Picking up clothing, towels, and sheets that may be in the way of cleaning is always a good idea to clear the way for the premises to be cleaned properly, even though laundry services may or may not be included in the housekeeping services you are hiring.
  2. Get your bedding ready for bed:As was already mentioned, it is best to confirm with the service provider whether making the bed and doing the laundry are part of the service fees. Most services will accept special requests, like having your bed linens on. In this instance, be sure to leave everything for the house cleaner ready, clean, and prepared.
  3. Clear the clutter: One of the most crucial suggestions on the list is this one. Cleaning will be hindered by clutter. Even the cleanest cleaning services will not want to handle your personal items. Put your garbage in the trash cans, your shoes and clothes in the closet and food in the refrigerator.
  4. Declutter the counters:Empty jars, food containers, and other items could obstruct a thorough cleaning of the countertops. Therefore, be sure to tidy up around any desks, countertops, or shelves that you want to properly dust and clean.
  5. No messes of food or dishes: It is imperative to emphasise this. If you have leftover food, be sure to put it in Tupperware to save it for later or dispose of it in the trash. The likelihood is that the cleaning crew will not know what to do with it and might not even touch it, leaving food-stained areas dirty and untidy. Similarly, if it is not part of your services, clean the dishes.
  6. Place your personal items away: particularly if you possess priceless items like jewellery. It is simple to accuse the cleaning staff of theft when you cannot find something if you have a tendency to move things around and forget where you put them.Personal items may obstruct thorough cleaning of all surfaces, including vacuuming and dusting.
  7. Protect your animals:Pets can increase the mess and make cleaning more difficult. Dogs eating or drinking can leave splatters and mess on kitchen floors and around bowls. Even Make sure your friendly pets do not obstruct cleaning efforts if they are house pets.
  8. It is crucial to communicate: When working with a cleaning service, be sure to fully explain your expectations, go over every detail, and double-check that there are no additional fees for the services you need, such as for pet hair or laundry. It is best to put special requests in writing if you have any.
  9. Choose whether to arm your security system: If you are not home when cleaning is being done, think about disarming the system or giving the cleaning service the security code so they can disarm and then alarm it. A trustworthy cleaning service will always keep this information private.
  10. Get out of the way: It is best to leave the area being cleaned while it is being done. If you work from home and are unable to do that, simply plan with the cleaners when to clean the area where you are currently working and leave it alone for the time being.


It can be difficult to know what to expect from a house maid of cleaning services Ahmedabad and how to get ready. The list above should ease your concerns and assist you in being as prepared as possible for this task.

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