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Welcome to Maid Service in Kalyani and Dombivli

In today’s time, everyone is running faster to lead a good life for them and they are working harder but in the meanwhile they forget to maintain their house or their health. You may have skipped your lunch or dinner several times and had junk food from outside because you don’t have a cook who can prepare delicious recipes for you or you may not have cleaned your house for a long time because you don’t have time here maid in Kalyani and Dombivli comes in to help you provide these qualities services by our trained professionals who have a great expertise and experience in their own fields.

  • Cleaner:-

We provide you with quality cleaning services in which we make sure to give you best results. Our professionals do the deep cleaning really well, this deep cleaning includes removal of hard water stains, yellow spots etc using mild and harmless chemicals. Cleaning your kitchen, removal of grease stains from floors, tiles and stove including cabinet interior cleaning is done. We make sure to keep your sofa, carpet, mattress, curtains and cushion chairs clean by vacuuming them, wiping your ceiling fans, switchboards, décor items and furniture also removing co-webs from walls and balcony region.

  • Japa Maid :-

Japa is a traditional way to looking after a baby as well as mother. This is done to recover a mother and to ensure health of child is maintained. Everyone cannot do this job better, we provide you with professional maids who are trained well and have a great expertise in this field. Our maids have to pass a complex training process that makes them highly skilled. You can consider hiring us because we are one of the best companies of maid in Kalyani and Dombivli.

  • Cook:-

If you want a trained and trusted cook in Kalyani and Dombivli then we are here to serve you. Whether you want a bhindi masala and chapati for your breakfast or veg Manchurian, fried rice and momos in your lunch our cook can prepare all this delicious food according to your pallets. We train our cooks well and ensure the background verification of them so that you can trust them easily. We also ensure cook replacement if it doesn’t match your requirements.

  • Aaya / Caretaker :-

Caretaker services have become important in recent times as people are getting more busy with their work and they are not able to give sufficient time to their elders or kids. These services are mostly required when someone is sick, disabled or suffering from a disease. Our caretakers are professionally trained to provide you best services considering your safety and comfort. This service can help the patients to heal up faster.

  • Driver :-

In this busy lifestyle, a driver is required to save you time. Especially when it comes to tier 1 and tier 2 cities there’s a lot of traffic on the peak office timings. You may love to drive car but not willing to drive in such a heavy traffic. This just not drains a lot of time but also makes you irritated when you are going to office or attend a meeting. We provide you with trained drivers who can escape any traffic situation giving you a comfortable ride.

  • Watchman:-

Whether you are not happy with your old watchman or you require a trustworthy watchman for your premises. We provide you a one stop solution for these watchman services in Kalyani and Dombivli. Our watchman are trained well you cope up with every situation.

  • All Work House Maid :-

We also provide you with all work house maid service, who works in your home, responsible for cleaning your house and taking care of your children. We always do a background checkup of these maids to ensure you safety with quality services. She will serve as a trustworthy and loving companion to your children.

These are all the services that are provided by maid in Kalyan and Dombivli. You can consider buying our services because our workers are professionally trained and have a good expertise in their fields. The Babysitter or aayah services women becomes a companion for your kid’s growth.

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