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Welcome to Maid Service in Ludhiana

People who live outside of their homes in different cities require domestic services because they do not have enough time to do it themselves. When both husband and wife are working, they want someone they can trust to look after their child or house. Here is where the maid service in Ludhiana comes in; we offer all domestic services such as a house cleaner, aayah, caretaker, security guard, and so on. We ensure that their background checks are completed and that they are professionally trained to handle any situation that may arise. The following is a list of all the services we offer:

  • Cleaner:-

Our company offers cleaning services in Ludhiana. We have trained professionals who thoroughly clean your floors, clean the enter bathroom including the stay in room well from the floor and tiles, and clean the wash basin. They are precise in their work, removing water and scaling marks from bathroom equipment and enhancing shine. Clean your kitchen thoroughly, removing oil and grease from the gas stove, thoroughly cleaning the exhaust fan, and thoroughly removing dirt, dust, and hard stains from the floors, tiles, and slab. Our cleaners thoroughly clean every area, including hard-to-reach areas, removing all webs, thoroughly cleaning the doors, and thoroughly dusting windows and fans.

  • Cook:-

If you are looking for a reliable cook in Ludhiana who can prepare simple Indian meals for you, you have come to the right place. Our cooks are exceptionally well-trained; they not only prepare delicious Indian meals, but they also keep your kitchen clean and limit wastages. Our cook assists you with everything food-related; they get the right groceries for you, plan the menu, and keep the kitchen clean.

  • Aayah / Caretaker:-

Everyone wants a reliable Aaya for baby in Ludhiana or babysitter for their children or elderly relatives. We provide you with a dependable professional, complete with a background check conducted by the police and document verification. The Ayah or Care Taker also interacts well with your baby and the elderly members of your family. Our nurse has a diverse training portfolio and can handle any situation.

  • Japa Maid:-

When it comes to caring for your baby, you will need a dependable and professionally trained maid. Our Japa Maid in Ludhiana looks after both the mother and the child. The Japa period lasts 30 to 45 days and can sometimes be extended. She takes excellent care of your new born.

  • Driver:-

We also include driver services in Ludhiana. Our driver is also professionally trained, ensuring that your rides are as comfortable as possible. They drive extremely well and are completely trustworthy. We understand that your car is your second home, and we guarantee safe driving.

  • Watchman Services:-

We offer the best watchman services in Ludhiana. We conduct all background checks on our guards to ensure your safety. We make certain that you and your family are safe. Our service is inexpensive and saves you money by keeping unwanted intruders out of your premises.

  • All Work House Maid:-

We also provide all work house maid service in Ludhiana, who works in your home and oversees cleaning and caring for your children. We always conduct background checks on our maids to ensure your safety and quality services. She will be a reliable and loving companion to your children.

These are the services that we offer, and as previously stated, we conduct background checks on all our employees to ensure that you can trust them. If you require any of these services, you should consider employing a maid in Ludhiana to assist you.

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