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Move-In Cleaning Checklist: Everything You Need to Know

New tenants and homeowners can feel at ease knowing that their new home has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before they move in.A move-in clean is always advised with the help of Maid in Jaipur before you unload your personal belongings. This makes sure that every square inch of the room receives the care it requires.

It is time to make your house or apartment look even better than it did when you first moved in now that the rooms are empty, or nearly empty. Many rental agreements call for a broom-clean. Others demand a comprehensive check list that includes everything from the microwave to the baseboards.

Why Should You Clean Your House Before Moving In

Since your home is brand new or has just been vacated, it ought to be clean, right? No, not always. If the house has recently been built, a thorough cleaning is required to get rid of any leftover dust or chemical waste from construction. A thorough cleaning of the entire house is even more essential if you are moving into a previously occupied space. Even if a move out clean is part of the property’s move out requirements, you can never be certain that the area was thoroughly cleaned to your standards.

Your new home should be free of any hidden dust accumulations, and if it has been cleaned, it may have been done with artificial chemical cleaners that aggravate allergies.You must personally supervise the clean if you want to be certain that a new beginning in your new home meets your standards.

The Move-In Checklist You Need

You never really know what the previous tenants did to the property or how well they cleaned it out. A move-in checklist helps to ensure that any messes left by previous tenants are cleaned up and the energy of the place is cleared.

We have created this expert move-in cleaning checklist so you can have the best moving experience possible. This move-in cleaning checklist is what our professional cleaners at maid in Jaipur use every time they perform a move-in cleaning, so it goes beyond the norm.

  1. Organize Your Closets

You should have a fresh start when putting your belongings into storage because closets are for items you will not be using constantly. You will know you cleaned it when you moved in, so you won’t have to worry about emptying and cleaning your closet later.

You will not have as easy access to the closets in the future, so clear out all the dust and cobwebs now. As a result, you will not pull out your winter coat on the first day of winter to discover it covered in dust and unwearable. This also protects the items you want to store in the closet.

When you take something out of your closet, it needs to be ready to use. If there is a surprise winter storm and your winter coat is too dirty because you neglected to clean your closet, you might get very cold and regret not cleaning your closet when you first moved in.

  1. Kitchen cabinet cleaning

You should make sure to clean out the kitchen storage cabinets as soon as you have the chance and before you move your dishes in because they are a frequently neglected area of the house. Be ready for a lot of dust and grime because it is highly likely that the previous occupants didn’t want to thoroughly clean the kitchen cabinets.

Cleaning the cabinets is a hassle because you must remove everything from them in order to do it properly. Because you are worn out from the other aspects of moving, you should not miss the opportunity to have them empty when you are moving in.

  1. Cleaning the ceiling

Before you begin unpacking your belongings from your boxes, you might want to think about cleaning the ceiling. Without cleaning the ceiling, you could easily disturb some dust, which could then fall onto all your belongings and give your new home a dirty feeling.

The experience will be much better if you are patient and take the time to clean the ceiling before unpacking all your belongings, even though you may be extremely eager to do so the moment you move in. Nothing like having a cloud of dust fall all over your favourite antiques can ruin a fun time unpacking.

Keep in mind that you should also clean any ceiling-mounted fans and light fixtures because that is where a lot of dust likes to collect. You will undoubtedly love your new home even more if you are careful to clean the ceiling before unloading.

  1. Bathroom cleaning

You should clean your bathrooms as soon as you move into your new home because it is downright repulsive to think about the previous residents using them. When cleaning the toilet, shower, and sink, use a lot of bleach to ensure that all germs are eliminated and you can start over.

Even if you believe the bathroom to be clean, keep in mind that a lot of people could have used it during the move, and you just never know what might have been left behind. It is best to clean the bathroom before using it because some people are just not good at maintaining one.

Pay particular attention to the area behind the toilet because many tenants neglect to clean it thoroughly before leaving. That region collects dust, dirt, hair, and who knows what else, which creates the ideal environment for the growth of germs.

  1. Deep clean furniture

You should give your furniture a thorough cleaning when it arrives because it may be exposed to various types of dust and debris on the way to your new home. Any upholstered furniture, such as sofas or loveseats, can be cleaned with a vacuum.

Additionally, use a disinfectant wipe that is safe for use on furniture to clean all your furniture. If you want to know which cleaners are safe to use, you may need to check the labels on your furniture. Moving your furniture is a great time to do this.


The above-mentioned points can help you sort your experience of cleaning your house when you move in. Refer to it whenever in need of a move-in cleaning checklist. And if you need professional housekeeping services, Maid in Jaipur is always ready to help.


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