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Are you in need of a reliable watchman to look after your home, office and other premises?


Maid Services in India lets you hire watchman and security guard. As part of our watchman services in India, we ensure the safety of building entrances, doors, and windows. The guardprevents property damage and restricts unauthorised access to your building or property. always ensuring you and your loved ones’ safety. A night watchman’s main responsibility is to keep an eye on property, such as abandoned buildings, after hours. In addition to looking for intruders, they look for other potential threats that could lead to a fire, water damage, or other issues. A watchman also keeps a log of all activities observed on the property in order to inform the employer of the security situation and recommend any additional security measures that should be implemented.

Grey-collar employees known as security guards or watchmen have a variety of responsibilities, including patrolling, monitoring surveillance, conducting building inspections, guarding entry and exit points, confirming visitors, etc. They are also referred to as those workers who stay on past their legal retirement age. Hospitals, offices, ATMs, residential communities, and other locations are frequently visited by security personnel. Security personnel have a variety of skill sets that they must use while on the job, just like white-collar workers.

What duties our Watchman do

You can find a watchman in almost every office building, store, school, and public building you enter. Many of these people are seated at desks or standing by the entrance. This serves as the foundation for the mental picture that most people have when considering a security guard.

In addition to protecting people, assets, and property, watchmen are also responsible for a few other duties that are essential to the field of private security. Even though security guards’ jobs are frequently underappreciated, there is no denying that they are professionals who not only benefit the organisation through their hard work but also deter crime. Let us go over the duties and roles of private watchman in detail:

1.Conduct regular inspections and patrol the property

The site inspection and patrol of security personnel is one of their most important duties. the continuously bounding region. This significantly reduces the likelihood of any mishaps occurring at the residential or commercial property.

2.Subordinate Training

The training of subordinates who are unfamiliar with the security culture is another important aspect of a security watchman’s job. This covers both formal and informal introductions to the property and its upkeep. For the subordinates, this training may take the form of inspecting and patrolling the property, keeping an eye on visitors as they enter and exit, and other activities.

3.Watch the visitors’ entrances and exits

Security guarding is not at all simple for watchmen. Without considering the person’s status or income level, you must follow a specific predefined procedure. Some of the primary entrance procedures that a watchman must follow at the commercial or residential property include verifying the visitor’s identity, keeping an entry register, informing the visitor of the meeting’s purpose, and mentioning the name of the person to whom the visitor must report.

4.Suspicious activity should be reported

One of the crucial duties of security guard services is to report any suspicious activity that occurs on the property. A watchman should be proactive and attentive while on duty to avoid any mishaps at the location. The safety of people and the employment of the safety and security department may be questioned if the security personnel are not vigilant.

5.Offering Help

Being a helping hand to the populace is one thing that might not directly fall under the purview of the security guards’ responsibilities. Moral principles and the nature of their profession frequently dictate this obligation. Over time, watchmen learn how to help people with parking, loading, or unloading their belongings, navigation, and many other tasks.

6.Pay attention to alarms and arrive on time

Any security guard who performs this duty must never neglect it because it is of the utmost importance. When security guards join the company, they receive specialised training or an induction to help them prepare for disasters and calamities. Human casualties can be reduced by acting wisely and in a timely manner in response to alarms.

7.Monitoring surveillance camera

It is true that the security staff is given tools that will enable them to guard against harm coming to a building that is either commercial or residential. Again, it is essential that all security guards monitor surveillance cameras in order to be proactive and stop any activity that might cause commotion among those who live on the property.

8.Sending in end-of-day reports

Another crucial duty of the watchmen is to deliver the end-of-day reports to the reporting officer. The key components that one should never leave out of a report are the entries, exits, visitors, and incidents (if any). These are some of the main duties and roles that security guards have. A competent security guard can significantly improve society. Because certain things require the assistance of these professionals in the grey collar sector.

9.Keeping Special Events Safe

The security gate watchman may be tasked with guarding parties and special events. Seminars, meetings, charity events, weddings, and sporting events are all examples of events. These responsibilities include crowd control, door supervision, and ticket collection. The names of the guests may need to be verified by some security gate guards. Any unruly or rowdy visitors may need to be escorted from the premises.

Some watchmen carry weapons because they are often the first members of law enforcement to arrive on the scene. They must therefore abide by all laws governing gun safety. In the event of a fire or a person’s injury, watchmen are also in charge of contacting emergency services like the fire department and the ambulance service.

Hiring a trustworthy security guard service is crucial given the rising crime rate. You should opt for Maid Services in India if you’re looking for a reliable company that offers top security watchmen.