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Sparkling Clean: The Ultimate Housekeeping Maid Service

Following the pandemic, cleaning has become more crucial than ever. Not to mention how important it is to protect the health and welfare of your family. Given this, the top maid service in Jaipur has put together a list of 8 amazing cleaning hacks and tips that will help you streamline the cleaning process and choose the best household cleaning supplies while also saving you time, money, and possibly even some of your peace.

  1. Vinegar is a great way to clean glass

Another inexpensive cleaning solution that can help you keep your glass surfaces gleaming and brand-new is vinegar. Because it contains acetic acid, which aids in dissolving and leasing dirt, grime, and grease, it is a powerful cleaning agent. Additionally, it functions as a natural bactericide and virus destroyer for glass surfaces. Additionally, it is safe to use on many glass surfaces, such as windows, mirrors, and tabletops.Mineral buildup on showerheads over time can cause a reduction in water flow and a less satisfying showering experience. One way to clean your showerhead and get the water flowing again is with white vinegar.

  1. Weekly changes of the bed linens are required

Speaking of dust, the best maid agency in Jaipur advises routinely replacing your bedding to help reduce accumulation in your home. While lying in bed, you exfoliate dead skin cells that might otherwise end up on other surfaces in your bedroom, even though it is unpleasant to think about. In addition to attracting undesirables like dust mites, a buildup of dead skin makes things worse because they produce waste while feeding on your dead skin.

This can be helped by changing your bed linens more frequently, and you can clean your mattress with the right vacuum attachment.A spring coil mattress can also be covered with a fabric cover infused with a solution of baking soda and essential oils, left to sit for 15 minutes, and then thoroughly vacuumed. On the other hand, stay away from using this method with latex or memory foam mattresses.

  1. Washing machine maintenance

It is amusing to think that your washing machine washes and cleans your clothes at the same time, but sadly, this is not always the case. Dirt, clothing fibers, hair, and accumulated detergent can gather in the drum, around the seals, on the door, and even in the detergent dispenser. Any dirt in or near the gasket is likely to get on your clean clothes as you remove them from the appliance.

  1. You should clean your dishwasher as well

Dishwashers are another appliance that many people think do not need to be cleaned, but cleaning your dishwasher is just as important as cleaning your dishes.

If you let your dishwasher run on its own, its performance will suffer and it may begin to smell. To prevent this from happening, remember to check the filter for food waste every few weeks. A clogged filter may hinder drainage and even cause a clogged pump, which is more challenging to repair. Usually found on the floor, the filter is reachable from the inside of the dishwasher.Carefully remove the contents and dump them into the garbage to stop any trapped food waste from moving.

Drench the filter in warm, soapy water as you clean the dishwasher’s door seals. Give the filter in the appliance a good cleaning before replacing it. Any drainage issues ought to be resolved at this point, but if there are persistently potent smells, sprinkle baking soda on the floor of the dishwasher and leave it there overnight before running it dry the following morning.

  1. getting rid of lingering fingerprints on steel material

A cloth should be soaked in white or spirit vinegar and then applied to the stainless-steel surface. Apply olive oil or even baby oil with a paper towel to get the perfect finish.

Lemon juice and soda water work almost as well as vinegar as substitutes. Avoid using baking soda because it is abrasive and will scratch the surface.

  1. It is preferable to remove dust and dirt than to move it

Using a dry dusting cloth or feather duster frequently just moves the dust and dirt around your home instead of picking it up. Utilizing a microfiber or antistatic cloth is advised because dust is more likely to adhere when it is slightly damp.What better time to fight dust than before it settles on surfaces? A dust-free home is impossible, but an air purifier can help. The unit circulates air throughout the space and collects dust particles in its HEPA filter before they have a chance to settle, reducing the amount of dust that accumulates on your countertops, furniture, and floor surfaces. This is wonderful news for allergy sufferers as well because dust contains allergens like pet dander, mould spores, dead skin cells, and insect byproducts that can cause allergies or make them worse.

  1. To Get Rid of Stains, Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a strong and effective stain remover that can be used on a variety of surfaces, including fabrics, carpets, and furniture. Because it dismantles all the chemical bonds holding the stain together, it is a potent stain remover. Additionally, it has mild bleaching qualities that can aid in brightening and whitening stained surfaces.

Testing hydrogen peroxide on a small area first is crucial because it can damage some surfaces. For some surfaces, like carpets and upholstery, it is also crucial to use a diluted hydrogen peroxide solution to prevent discoloration or damage.Simply repeat the procedure if the stain is still discernible until it is gone. To get rid of any remaining hydrogen peroxide, thoroughly rinse the area with clean water.

  1. Use Lemon and Water to Clean Your Microwave

One of the most frequently used appliances in many homes is the microwave, which can easily get stained and dirty from food spills and splatters. One method for cleaning your microwave without using harsh chemicals is water and lemon. Lemon juice’s citric acid aids in dissolving grease and food stains, and steam aids in loosening and lifting them away. The result is a microwave that is chemical-free, fresh-smelling, and clean.


We hope these cleaning tips will take care of all your common home cleaning issues. Cleaning problems will always exist, and a maid service can be of assistance. Why not employ one then. Get in touch with Maid in Jaipur to start keeping your home spotless and sparkling clean.

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