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What to expect during your first maid service visit

Anyone who wants to make their life a little bit easier should hire a professional cleaning services Ahmedabad for their home. Doesn’t it sound like the most wonderful thing to come home to a clean house at the end of a long day?

The week can be a difficult time to keep track of time. It can be difficult to find the energy to clean the house after having to deal with family responsibilities, going to work, and running errands. Wouldn’t you prefer to relax after a strenuous day? When you hire house cleaners, you can unwind rather than stress about maintaining a clean and organised home. But it can be confusing to know where to look with so many cleaning services available.

It is critical that you comprehend your part in the process if you want to benefit the most from your professional home cleaning service. Although house cleaners are happy to clean every crevice, they will not be able to if you do not take the necessary steps before they arrive.

  1. Ask about the scope of the cleaning

Asking the cleaning service directly is the most effective way to find out what to anticipate from a house cleaner. However, speaking with the cleaners directly when they get to your house can also be beneficial.

We will go over how crucial it is to make sure your cleaners understand certain tasks down below. Always begin by requesting an estimate from the cleaners for a specific area or the entire property and general questions about what they intend to do. If what they say does not meet your expectations, you will know to either contact your cleaning service and make specific service requests, or, if necessary, negotiate directly with the cleaners.

Typically, every room in the house is cleaned as part of standard cleaning services Ahmedabad. A bathroom or a room with a unique carpet may require the house cleaners to pay more attention than other rooms, but that does not mean they will ignore other rooms unless you specifically tell them to.

Remember that most cleaning services will let you make specialised requests when you bargain with them. These can be anything from asking them not to disturb a certain room to asking about a deep clean for your home with multiple pets.

  1. Cleaning the Typical Apartment or Home

In general, you can anticipate the following duties from a house cleaning service:

  • Cleaning sinks, toilets, showers, microwaves, large appliances, countertops, stovetops, and tubs
  • mopping and vacuuming each of your floors
  • removing the trash and recycling
  • Dusting or wiping down hard surfaces in the kitchen or bedrooms
  • cleaning off dust and dirt from reflective surfaces like windows and mirrors.

Since “decluttering” entails sorting through household items and knowing where to put them in order to put them in their proper places, most house cleaning services do not “declutter” homes. Unless you have a regular house, cleaner who has gotten to know your organisational style over time, that is a task that should be left to the resident of the house.


  1. Get Your House Ready

You might not have thought to do some of your own pre-cleaning first when wondering what to anticipate from a house cleaner. But before the house maid service Ahmedabad comes, it is usually a good idea to clean up and organise.

Set aside an hour before the cleaners arrive to put away toys, gadgets, computer or phone chargers, clothes in a hamper, and generally move random items off the floors and countertops to clear the clutter and give the cleaner access to all your surfaces.

  1. Take a Tour to Begin

We strongly advise giving your house cleaners a tour when they come over for the first time. You have the chance to discuss your expectations for the cleaning process during the tour, and they have the chance to ask questions.

You should ask any questions you may have regarding potential house cleaners during the initial tour since the cleaning service has not yet addressed them. Additionally, you could draw their attention to rooms or problem areas. But remember to keep your mouth shut because most cleaners have busy schedules.

  1. Talk to Your Cleaning Service Ahmedabad

It is crucial to get in touch with your cleaner or cleaning service if you are unhappy with your home after a cleaning. A successful ongoing business relationship requires open communication between a service company’s clients.

The same cleaner or team will frequently visit your home repeatedly if you hire a house maid service in Ahmedabad. If so, you can tell them what modifications you would like to see made to the way they clean your home the following time they come. For instance, you might want the bedrooms of your children or guests to be cleaned using cleaning supplies, or you might demand a certain standard of care when having certain kitchen appliances, like the microwave or oven, cleaned.

When offering constructive criticism for a house cleaner’s work methods, be kind and gentle. You have the right to give instructions or ask for changes to their routines as the customer and homeowner, but keep in mind that it will take a few visits before they fully understand your home and your expectations.

You can escalate your complaints to the cleaning company if errors are frequent or egregious. If you think someone else could do a better job cleaning, you can also request a replacement cleaner or cleaning crew.


Even though a maid cleaning service might not clear away all your clutter, it performs the necessary tasks for a tidy home. It also frees you up from having to perform these duties, giving you more time to deal with the clutter.You will most likely feel better and experience less stress in your life once your home is clutter- and clean-free. Are you looking for a qualified house cleaner in Ahmedabad? Call Maid in Ahmedabad right away!

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