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Welcome to Maid Service in Guwahati

Everyone is running faster in today’s time, to lead a good and comfortable life for them, they are working harder but in the meanwhile they forget to maintain their house or their health. We provide you services like cleaner, aaya, security guard, driver, Japah Maid etc. This is a one stop solution to address all your domestic service requirements. We ensure that their background verification is done and they are trained professionally to handle all the situation well.

  • Cleaner:-

We are providing you with cleaning services in Guwahati where you get deep cleaning of your house from cleaning the stains on floors and sanitary to removing webs around all the walls. As a working professional or student you may not be able to get your house deeply cleaned, so you can hire us for cleaning services and we try to provide you the best services ensuring customer satisfaction.

  • Cook:-

Sometimes cooking food for yourself and your family can become a burden if you are a working women, you can hire our cook services as we provide you a reliable cook who can prepare food according to the given menu and your taste buds. Our cooks are trained well and they make sure to maintain the cleanliness of your kitchen while cooking.

  • Aayah / Caretaker:-

we also provide you with good aaya services in Guwahati. It may not be easy for you to handle work and take care of your child or elders at the same time so here we provide you with an experienced Ayaa who takes care of babies and patients in a good way and becomes their companion. We also in sure that the background verification of our caretakers has been done so that there is no problem of trust issues.

  • Japa Maid:-

Japa is a traditional way to look after a new born baby. A maid is required to take care of both new born baby and mother to take care of their health. Our Japa Maid looks after both mother and baby. The japa period is between 30 to 45 days and sometimes it extends. She takes care of your new born baby really well.

  • Driver:-

When you live in big metropolitan cities and everyday you have to travel long hours due to traffic then you should hire a driver who can drop and pick you and your family safely to the destination. We also ensure that the training of a drivers have been done so that you can reach safely and we also complete the background verification so that you don’t get any trust issues with the driver.

  • Watchman:-

We also provide you with Watchmen services in Guwahati. Our aim is to fortify the level of security provided to you for your house, building, events or celebrations etc. and preventing unknown intruders to enter your property. Our service is cost effective and we also do the background verification of our Watchmen to ensure your safety.

  • All Work House Maid:-

The best all work house made service in Guwahati is provided by us. Our maids are trained professionally to overseas all the activities in your house from maintaining the cleanliness to taking care of your child. She will be a reliable and loving companion to your children.

So these are all the services that are being provided by us. Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction and we ensure everything from training our workers to doing their background verification to satisfy our clients. If you also require any of these domestic services for your office, industry or household then you can consider buying these services from us as we are one of the best domestic service provider in Guwahati.

Full Time / Part Time Maids