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Looking for an experienced caregiver or aayah?


Maid services in India offers you the most reliable staff like childcare providers, housekeepers, carers for the elderly, and housesitters.

Our Ayah service in India provides the flexibility and variety of temporary placement that today’s nurses, nannies, and carers require. We prioritise experienced nurses. In the comfort of your own home, we provide elderly home care, senior home care, patient home care services, and caretaker services. Dedicated Help provides them with the best in-home senior healthcare services available. Patient care providers are experienced in dealing with patients who are unable to care for themselves. We staff homes, clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, and nursing homes to name a few industries.

Home care is frequently perceived as a means of providing care for elderly or ill patients, but it is capable of so much more. Caregivers’ responsibilities and duties extend far beyond medical care. Caregivers are prepared to meet a wide range of needs, ensuring stability and continuity of care.

What Duties does Our Caregivers perform?

1.Personal Care

It is not unusual for elderly patients to struggle with daily tasks. Simple tasks like getting dressed, bathing, and brushing teeth can become tiresome as we age. They may even be painful in some cases.

As a result, many of our senior loved ones neglect their hygiene because it is difficult to keep up with their daily routine. Our caretaker’s responsibility is to help the patient with as much or as little as is required to keep up with their daily personal hygiene routine.Grooming, using the toilet, and exercising are all much easier with the assistance of a trained caretaker. The role of an aayah or caretaker is to aid while allowing patients to maintain as much independence as possible.The relationship between a caretaker and a patient is strengthened by striking a careful balance.

2.Meal Preparation and Planning

Many people struggle to get their daily nutrients due to dietary restrictions, preferences, and needs. It can be even more difficult for those who are sick or elderly to prepare nutritious and delicious meals. Allow a caretaker to assist you.Caretakers are trained to handle any interactions that certain foods may have with medications, as well as to avoid allergies. Creating highly nutritious meal plans is just one of many carer responsibilities, in addition to interactions.

To make sure that each meal is specially crafted to fit their dietary needs and personal preferences while remaining delicious and nutritious, they will enlist the assistance of their patients. In addition to menu planning, most carers will do the required grocery shopping and meal preparation.

3.Conveyance needs

Transportation is a major issue for the elderly. Most seniors outlive their ability to drive safely by 7 to 10 years, but they continue to drive frequently, endangering themselves and others. Rather than relying on themselves to get to and from appointments, pharmacies, or stores, many older adults prefer to hire a caretaker.


Transportation to and from activities, as well as assisting patients in and out of wheelchairs, is one possible caretaker duty. This alleviates the stress and anxiety that older adults and their loved ones may experience when coordinating transportation.


Seniors who experience loneliness or depression frequently experience a decline in their quality of life. While family visits and social activities are common, many seniors feel lonely in between engagements.

A caretaker is more than just someone who helps with non-medical tasks daily. They offer consistent and dependable companionship. In addition to providing patients with someone to talk to every day, another caregiver’s job is to supervise patients.Caretakers may even have suggestions for new hobbies or ways to make new friends. This type of emotional support system enables each senior to continue to enjoy their social lives. It provides the stability they require to thrive in their golden years.

5.Management of Medication

Seniors, on average, take five medications per day. Depending on individual needs and diagnoses, that number could increase or decrease.While the number of medications taken is high, it is estimated that 75% of seniors do not take their pills correctly. Some people may be taking medications that interact with one another, while others may lack the mental capacity to recall whetherthey have taken specific pills.

With such a high risk factor, it is critical to carefully monitor medications and consumption among the elderly. A qualified carer collaborates closely with medical professionals to ensure that their patients take their medications correctly.

6.General Medical Care

While an in-home care provider cannot perform check-ups or extensive medical procedures, they are qualified to provide health monitoring and basic care. They can adhere to a care plan and keep an eye on the patient to ensure that no changes occur.If an issue arises, it is the caretaker’s responsibility to consult with medical professionals to determine the best course of action.

7.Memory Care

Patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia may struggle in the early stages. Because of the increased confusion, they may become more forgetful and agitated. Because they are unable to provide 24-hour care, family members may feel guilty. Fortunately, having an assigned caretaker in place can be beneficial.

8.Family Assistance

It can be difficult for a family member to accept the signs of ageing that their elders may exhibit. Many people are unsure how to assist or cope with the situation. A caretaker is available to assist both the patient and the family. They offer education, ideas, and methods to help families. Family members can maintain their independence while providing the care that their loved ones require with the assistance of an in-home caretaker or ayah.

Finding the ideal carer is a difficult task because the job requires a particular knowledge, skill, and empathy set. In the long run, taking care of elderly or disabled family members is a job best left to professionals with the training, expertise, and communication abilities to provide excellent in-home care. You can hire the best aayah and caretakers through maid services in India. Quickly hire.