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Need an all-work housemaid to look after all your household chores?


Hiring all work housemaids in India is far more difficult than hiring other workers. Not because there aren’t enough maid agencies, but because the process is still in its early stages and involves numerous checks and balances.If you are looking for a housemaid to assist you with day-to-day domestic tasks at your home and are unsure what to look for, Maid services in India can assist you.

We offer 24*7 maid service in India. The maid will handle routine household tasks such as ironing, grocery shopping, cleaning, and laundry. Our full-time maids are available every day and provide thorough and dependable cleaning and housekeeping services to keep your home or office in excellent condition. Our maids oversee keeping homes and commercial spaces clean and organised.

We understand that cost is an important consideration when hiring a maid service. As a result, our full-time maids in India are reasonably priced. By offering competitive pricing and flexible scheduling, we make it simple for you to obtain the cleaning services you require at a price that fits your budget.

What can you expect from our all-work housemaids?

Housemaids in India may provide a variety of services, so it is critical to understand what services they provide. Here are some of the essential services that a full-time housemaid will provide while working in your home:

  • They will handle daily housekeeping tasks such as mopping, dusting, and sweeping.
  • Cleaning the kitchen and washing dishes and utensils
  • Cleaning, drying, and ironing clothes, bed sheets, and so on
  • Making bed and changing the covers
  • Making dinner for your family
  • Managing the family’s daily errands
  • Taking care of children and the elderly in your home
  • Taking care of other similar tasks

Aside from day-to-day housekeeping, dishes, utensils, and cooking, you can find and hire our housemaids for other tasks such as child care, babysitting, and so on.

General Duties Performed by All work house Maids

There are several reliable 24-hour maid services in India that can provide you with efficient and trustworthy 24-hour maids to assist you with household chores and other household responsibilities. Maids from these maid services in India can work efficiently. The best part about such services is that if you have a problem with your maid, you can contact the service directly and have it resolved. The following are the major tasks that anall-work house maid can be expected to perform:

Cleaning Tasks

The entire cleaning of a house will be handled by a full-time maid. Every day, she or he will sweep, mop, vacuum, and dust; remove dirt from the floor and other surfaces like walls and terrace; keep the hallways in front of your building or apartment clean; dust the curtains as needed; maintain the cleanliness of the rugs and carpets; and use room freshener and deodorizer to keep the house odor-free. You can ask your maid to regularly polish any woodwork that is in your home. Your maid can clean your windows as necessary.

Laundry tasks

You can request that your full-time maid handle your monthly or daily laundry needs. In a warm country like India, you are typically expected to perspire a lot. As a result, you might prefer to wash your clothes every day. You can therefore ask your maid to wash your daily dress and work clothes every day in the washing machine. If your apartment lacks a washing machine, you can ask your maid to wash your clothes by hand. You can ask her to send your dirty clothes to cleaning homes and have them picked up on time if your schedule allows. Every month, your maid must handle the laundry for your bed linens, towels, and curtains.

Kitchen tasks

It is acceptable to request your maid to prepare meals for your family. She oversees cooking every day for the entire family. She may also be required to cook if visitors come and stay for a while, if any family members are workers or students and require takeout, or if a festival is taking place and special dishes need to be made. If you would rather prepare meals on your own, you can ask your maid to assist you by chopping the vegetables, preparing the spices, and setting the table. If requested, she will wash the dishes and clean the kitchen sink.

The duties of an all-work house maid will largely depend on the household. Dusting, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning surfaces and fixtures in all rooms of the house, doing laundry, and ironing are typical tasks for a housekeeper or housemaid.Setting expectations up front and giving specific tasks reasonable time frames to be completed are always crucial when hiring a live-in maid.

The housekeeper can create a household cleaning schedule to make sure that every opportunity is taken and that little time is lost switching between tasks.

You can also get in touch with a nearby service that provides housekeepers like all work housemaids. Typically, housekeeping agencies have a large database of available maids. However, because there are so many factors to consider when hiring an agency, make sure you are familiar with the terms and conditions and working with a reputable maid agency like Maid Services in India.

Choosing a maid based on your needs and lifestyle is one of the best benefits of using our maid agency’s services. We give you a variety of options.

With Maid Services in India, finding the ideal all-purpose housekeeper is simple. You can explain your requirements to them, then communicate, review potential maids’ performance reviews, and make the final decision regarding hiring a housemaid.After hiring from our agency, simply search for potential maids who can provide the services you require and inquire about the pay she anticipates and the pay you wish to offer.

Connect with us right away and get the most dependable all work house maid for your home. Maid Services in India is your one stop solution for all housekeeping needs.