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Welcome to Maid Service in Jodhpur

Often both husband and wife are at the job and they want someone who they trust to take care of their baby or house. Here the maid service in Jodhpur comes in, we provide you with all domestic services like a house cleaner, aayah, caretaker, security guard, etc. We ensure that their background verification is done and they are trained professionally to handle all the situation well. Here is the description of all the services we are providing:

  • Cleaner:-

We provide you with cleaner services in Jodhpur. We have workers who are trained professionally, who can clean your house deeply. They clean your house in a good way from the floors you walk on, the bathroom you enter including the room where you stay. Our cleaners clean your house thoroughly, they remove all the webs around the walls, remove dust from the unreached areas in your house.

  • Cook:-

If you are not happy with your present cook then we can provide you with the best cook services in Jodhpur. Our cooks are trained well and have a great experience in cooking, they can prepare delicious food according to your pallet and just not food, they will also help you out to buy correct groceries for your kitchen and deciding a daily menu for you and your family.

  • Aayah / Caretaker:-

Sometimes you get too busy with your work and you are unable to take care of your child or elderly relatives. We provide you with best aaya services in Jodhpur our Aya is train well and has a broad range of training and she is also capable to handle any sort of problems easily because of their experience.

  • Japa Maid:-

If you are looking for a trusted and experienced maid who can understand your baby’s habits and health, and take care of them accordingly then you came to a right place, we here provide you with japa maid services in Jodhpur ensuring that our maid takes care of both mother and baby and also maintains a good hygiene. We provide you our services at cost effective prices.

  • Driver:-

We provide you with trained and experienced driver who can drive through all type of situations. When it comes to dropping your members are relatives to different places you require a driver who can do this for you because you may not be available every time. We ensure that the background verification of a drivers have been done to ensure your safety.

  • Watchman:-

The safest of your premises is very important whether it’s your house, office, building or apartment. We provide you with watchman service in Jodhpur which is given by our trained security guards who are trained well to handle any type of nuisance and also preventing unknown trespassers to enter your property. 

  • All Work House Maid:-

You may often ignore or procrastinate cleaning your house due to work load and hectic time table but it is necessary to get your house cleaned to get rid of viruses and bacteria. Our maid takes care of all your daily household chores, taking the responsibility of household activities like sweeping and mopping house.

These were all the services that we provide and as mentioned above we ensure that the background verification of all these workers so that you can trust them. If you are looking for any of these services you can definitely consider maid in Jodhpur to help you providing these services.

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