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Welcome to Maid Service in Madurai

You may stay away from your family or you may not have so much time to clean your house or cooking for yourself. We provide you with different domestic services like cleaning, cook, Aya, Japa Maid etc. This is a one stop solution to address all your domestic service requirements. We make sure that we do the background verification of our workers and training them well so that they can handle every situation easy. We also address all your issues regarding maids and we can send a replacement as soon as possible.

  • Cleaner:-

If you are looking for a reliable cleaning service in Jaipur then you came at the right place. Our company offers cleaning services in Madurai. Our workers are trained professionally who thoroughly get your floors cleaned, your entire bathroom from cleaning the stains on tabs and wash basin to removing stains from tiles. They work precisely everywhere and enhance the sign of your house.

  • Cook:-

You are a foodie but you also want to eat healthy, home made food is often healthier but it’s hard to cook food for yourself if you are having hectic working hours. Whether you want to have bhindi masala with chapati for your breakfast or veg Manchurian with fried rice in your lunch, our cook can prepare all this mouthwatering food according to your taste pallets. We also provide you with the replacement of cook if the existing cook doesn’t suit your requirements.

  • Aayah / Caretaker:-

Everybody wants an aaya for their baby or a caretaker to take care of their young children are elderly relatives. We try to provide you good Aaya services in Madurai and we also ensure that our caretaker has under gone a proper police background verification and document verification. You can focus on your work without any tension of taking care of your child or elders by taking our services.

  • Japa Maid:-

We at maid in Madurai always prioritize the joy of caring for new baby and also mother. Japa is a traditional practice when a mother and new born baby are taken care for 30-45 days to ensure that they stay healthy. Our Japa maid is highly trained and has completed complex training so that she can handle every situation easily. For the sake of your safety we also ensure that we have done a complete document and police verification of our maids.

  • Driver:-

If you are looking for driver in Madurai here is the one stop solution for you. When it comes to tier one and tier two cities there is a lot of traffic on peak of his timings. Driving across the traffic and draining your energy in driving can result in fatigue and low focus eventually resulting in low productivity in the work. That’s why we are here to provide you with the best drivers services in Madurai.

  • Watchman:-

We provide you with Watchmen services in Madurai. Our aim is to fortify the level of security provided to your house, building, celebrations etc. Providing you with integrated solutions by our trained watchman. You can definitely consider hiring us for Watchmen services in Jaipur if you want the services at cost effective prices.

  • All Work House Maid:-

With growing tension in your busy life , it’s difficult to cope up with everything from cooking to looking after your baby. We always ensure that the background and police verification of our maids has been done to ensure your safety and providing you quality Services. She will be a reliable and loving companion to your children.

These were all the services that we provide and as mentioned above we ensure that the background verification of all these workers so that you can trust them. If you are looking for any of these services you can definitely consider maid in Madurai to help you providing these services.

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