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How to provide feedback to your maid service provider for better results

When in a position of power over another person, it is common to see people treat them disrespectfully and inhumanely. Even in the wealthiest and most educated homes, domestic staff are either disregarded or treated as invisible. For those who had a privileged upbringing and were raised in homes with domestic help, this is especially true. There are many domestic workers employed in our country, and many of them must deal with abusive, disrespectful, or heartless employers.Here, we at Maid in Ahmedabad have listed some of the major points and feedbacks you can consider to say to your maid for a better housekeeping experience.

Few people recognise that a maid or housekeeper is also a human being who deserves to be treated with respect.When we are in a position of power, we frequently forget that the domestic help are also people who need to maintain their pride and dignity.

Human Dignity at its Most Basic

No matter what line of work we may be in, if our dignity and self-respect are consistently violated by our superiors, we lose the desire to work and begin to dislike them. The same is true of our domestic helpers. If they are not given respect and dignity, they cannot function properly. Being praised and valued is a basic human need. It is only natural for us to feel dejected and unmotivated when this is absent. Our housekeepers are the same as us. They share our social expectations because they are also human beings like us.To get the most out of them, we must accept this fact.

Housecleaners are also people

The sooner we recognise that our housekeepers, maids, and servants are real people who deserve respect, the better it will be for us. When we are not home, our servants take care of our house and our family. You do not want your belongings or your kids to suffer while you’re gone. A resentful employee may be afraid to confront an abusive employee for fear of losing her job, which is likely her only source of income, but she will eventually find a way to vent her resentment towards you.

This anger and frustration are typically directed at the possessions and the kids. We must treat our housekeeper with the utmost care because none of us wants that to happen. Even though she may be performing your dirty work for you, she is still just as much a person as you or your friends. She may be required to perform menial tasks due to her circumstances, but this should not dictate how she is treated. The behaviour of the entire family, from the adults to the kids, matters; it is not just about one individual in the family. Your maid service in Ahmedabad will feel more at home with you and your family if everyone in the family shows them love, respect, and understanding.

The Right Way to Treat Your Maid

The answer to this question is very clear-cut and straightforward. Just as you would expect from your employer, you should treat your maid or domestic help with respect. The dynamic between you and your maid is identical to that between you and your boss. The relationship is essentially the same, even though the nature of the work may be different.

  1. Treat with dignity

You cannot expect the maid to give you her best work if you treat her disrespectfully. You must be courteous and respectful towards her in order to earn the respect you believe you are due. When speaking with her, be cordial. You do not have to treat her badly or in a rude manner.

Use her name when addressing her. Like you would a family member, address her. You can tell someone exactly how you feel about them just by the tone and inflections of your voice. Make sure everyone in the family follows suit. If you see someone being unkind or rude, correct them and make sure they do not do it again. There are considerate ways to handle situations where the maid needs to be reprimanded. There is no need to be rude to her or yell at her.

  1. Kindness

It goes a long way in fostering goodwill among people, so be kind to her. Your maid will remain with you and treat you and your family with the same kindness and consideration if you are kind and considerate to her and her situation. Being kind does not require you to put up with inefficiency or subpar work. Reprimand the maid if you believe she is not performing her duties properly, but do not use abusive language or show your rage by shouting or screaming. Let her know that doing subpar work is unacceptable in a firm but calm manner.

  1. Being compassionate is crucial

Building a solid relationship with your online maid in Ahmedabad requires compassion. Do not disregard her situation. Like everyone else, the maids experience difficulties in life. You must comprehend their predicament and do your best to assist her in resolving these issues. Additionally, maids get sick, have mishaps, or experience bad luck. Your assistance and support will be very important at such times. Therefore, be mindful of her predicament and considerate and supportive.

  1. Communicate

In any profession, including that of a maid, communication is essential for building positive working relationships. The maid will continue to make mistakes unless she understands what you want her to do and how to do it. Therefore, be clear and specific in your instructions and let her know exactly what you want. It is important to communicate outside of the workplace. As you would with any other acquaintance or friend, speak to her. Learn about her family, finances, health, and other factors. By doing this, you can keep tabs on her life and assist her when she encounters a challenging circumstance. The two of you can develop a healthy relationship by communicating with one another.


Make sure that when your maid is around, decency is always maintained. To ensure that the issue does not arise again with the next maid you hire, have a firm conversation with the offending male. Our one-stop shop website for all things housekeeping is a good place to look for another maid in Ahmedabad. Get in touch now.

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